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A Healthy You means a healthy world

Finding the right path to being healthy can be a challenge.
​Let Kathy and Karen help you find the right path for you.

Each have overcome health challenges, so they can identify with anyone who has a health challenge. Kathy has a managed a neurological disease for years that threatened her ability for daily living. Karen is a breast cancer survivor who made total lifestyle changes in order to not only recover, but thrive.  Read more about them at or check out their website that totally focuses on health, called

A healthy world means
​a healthy you

Having a non-toxic environment is critical for a healthy Earth…
​a healthy family…
​and a healthy YOU!

These cleaning products not only eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals in your home (and office), but they help you make your home into a Masterpiece. Every home needs a Monet! (That would be a Monet Microfiber Mop.)

We want to keep our blue planet green. That’s why it is so important to take care of our oceans. Our cleaning products keep the oceans blue and our planet green!

Need help finding your way through the Green Jungle?

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